Police: Man alive after being thrown off bridge

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A Phenix City man is recovering after being thrown off of the Dillingham Street bridge.

Reo Reese, 53, tells police he was approached by two strangers on the bridge connecting Columbus and Phenix City around 2 AM Thursday. According to Reese, the men asked him for a cigarette. When he told them he didn't have any, Reese says they picked him and his bike up and tossed them over the side.

Officials in the Columbus Police Department's Patrol Division says Reese did not fall into the Chattahoochee River and he walked to the Phenix City Police Department to report the crime so they think he was thrown off closer to the Alabama side where the bridge meets the road with concrete.

Reports indicate Reese had been drinking at the time of the incident.

He was taken to the Medical Center complaining of pain in his abdomen and wrist but police say his injuries are not severe.

According to officials, Reese could not identify the suspects and has signed a waiver of prosecution in the case, saying he does not want it investigated.

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