Large capacity Glock magazines in high demand

(Source: CNN) Don Davis, gun shop owner, reacts to post-shooting gun sales.
(Source: CNN) Don Davis, gun shop owner, reacts to post-shooting gun sales.

INDIANAPOLIS (CNN) - A gun shop owner in Indianapolis said customers are quickly buying up the same type of gun clip used in the mass shooting in Tucson for fear they will be banned.

Don Davis, the namesake of Don's Guns, said the Glock high-capacity magazine, which holds up to 30 bullets is in high demand.

Davis said he does not think the clips should be outlawed, but rather that gun laws, particularly in Indiana, need a makeover.

He said the state should require training before issuing a gun permit, and the government should be able to track guns each time they are sold.

"Indiana's new law says that you can walk right out of my door after I have identified you, the FBI has okayed you, at 21-years-old, and they have okayed you that you are not a criminal. You can walk out on the sidewalk and sell it to anyone you please; take it to a gun show and sell it, take it to a flea market and sell it," Davis said.

"Now, that gun can never been found again because the guy who bought it, he don't know who he bought it from."

He also said there would have been more victims in Arizona if the suspect was more experience with guns and that a practiced gunman could have done more damage with three, 10-round clips than he did with one, 30-round clip.

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