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Major drug company issues voluntary recall

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  If you're looking for certain over-the-counter medicine at local drugstores, you may have some trouble finding them due to a recent recall.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare -- makers of products like Tylenol, Benadryl and Pepcid -- recently initiated a voluntary recall. But don't start checking your cabinets yet, the products are not being pulled from shelves, but from wholesalers.

"I had a few items on my list from the drugstore. I stopped off at a few and found the product was missing. I asked the managers why were the shelves empty and all I got is there was a recall of these items," said Sandra Earnest. She was looking for several items including Pepcid, Tylenol and Benadryl.

The owner of Dinglewood Pharmacy, Terry Hurley, says this recall shouldn't cause too many problems on a local level, "This particular situation doesn't affect the health provider, which is us, or the customer. It's just they're stopping some product back at the wholesale level."

The recalled products probably haven't made it to many homes or store shelves because the wholesalers haven't distributed them yet.

"There's a middle man that buys from McNeil that buys from the manufacturer. It's all pooled through a company we buy through and those are our wholesalers," Hurley told News Leader Nine.

Although Hurley didn't have to pull any medicine off his shelves, he says with standard recalls there is a certain protocol these companies meet, "We first receive a fax and we're given lot numbers to be aware of. We check all the merchandise on our shelves and pull those lot numbers and those are pulled, put away and sent back to the manufacturer."

McNeil Consumer Healthcare released a statement regarding the recall saying: "The actions are being undertaken as a result of the assessment are part of McNeil's ongoing commitment to ensure that all its products meet the high quality standards that consumers expect."

McNeil also said they initiated the recall because it was a precautionary measure after reviewing past production records and finding equipment cleaning procedures were insufficient.

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