Robert Bentley sworn in as Alabama's 53rd governor

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - Robert Bentley has made the transition from physician and state legislator to Alabama's governor.

The 67-year-old Bentley took the oath of office in front of the state Capitol on Monday.

A parade featuring more than 50 high school and college bands from across the state kicked off Monday's inaugural festivities.

Governor Bentley and his wife Diane walked down the red carpet of the capitol steps waving to cheering voters.

Colors were presented by the Alabama national guard color guard then four F-16 fight wings performed a fly over.

Bentley was sworn in by Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Sue Cob, while holding one hand on the Alabama State Bible that has been used by every Alabama governor since 1853.

After his official inauguration, Alabama Governor Bentley spoke on what challenges lie ahead for the state.

"I've looked into the eyes of those who have lost jobs and can't feed their families. I've talked to people who have lost their homes," he said.

Bentley says he's ready to turn this state around, creating jobs and serving in a way that will make the citizens proud.

"I have said time and time again we will put Alabama back to work," said Bentley.

"We will work with the Federal government, but we will not be dictated by them," Bentley told the crowd.

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