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Local craftsman featured on Martha Stewart Show

By MacKenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  You might tune into Martha Stewart to learn how to make cupcakes, but what about how to hand craft a rocking chair?  Charles Brock is making the long trek to New York City to teach Stewart about one of his passions in life. 

Brock has been working with wood for about thirty years.  He says his chance on Martha Stewart is about more than just how to carve the perfect rocking chair.

"I never expected anything like this," Brock said.

Brock explained he never thought his love of building rocking chairs would lead him to a guest appearance on the Martha Stewart show.  However, that all changed about a year ago when he was teaching one of his woodworking classes.   Martha Stewart's brother was actually one of Brock's students.  He liked Brock's work, and told Stewart about the rocking chairs.

"He thought this would be something fun that we could do together, an adventure," said Brock.

Brock is set to fly out tomorrow morning to New York City and will show Stewart how to hand craft the spindle of one of his rocking chairs.

Brock's work and classes are world renown.  He has sold his how-to DVDs and instruction kits on making rocking chairs to people as far as Russia. Terry Moore traveled all the way from his home in British Columbia just to learn the intricate details of the rocking chair.  Moore does not know much about Stewart's show, but he still says Brock's debut is a thrill.

"It sounds pretty exciting any way," said Moore.

Brock said his opportunity is about more than just himself.

"It shows in this modern day and age that anyone can start something or do something they're passionate about and have an opportunity to be on national television," explained Brock.

Even more, Brock hopes to make an impact on a younger audience.

"It is a good lesson for kids to have a dream, and to me, this has been my dream," said Brock.

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