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Woman accused of plotting husband's murder

Johnnie Burmeister (Source: Pickens County Sheriff's Office) Johnnie Burmeister (Source: Pickens County Sheriff's Office)

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Georgia woman is facing charges after police say she tried to have her husband murdered.

Columbus detectives say 40-year-old Johnnie Melissa Burmeister, who lives in North Georgia, has been trying to find someone to kill her 45-year-old husband, Michael who lives in Phenix City.

Investigators say her friend found out about the alleged plot and called police.

We went to Michael Burmeister's Phenix City apartment Tuesday and met his roommate, Lisa Gallimore.

She says the couple split suddenly last year when Johnnie Melissa Burmeister disappeared with their two children to North Georgia.

That's where he was Tuesday to pick up his kids after their mother's arrest in Pickens County Monday.

Gallimore says she and Burmeister have been receiving threatening emails from his wife.

"They have been going through very tenuous custody issues- him and his wife Melissa Burmeister. She's been sending emails and she broke into his bank accounts. It was really bizarre behavior. I don't even know here but she found out my email address by going into his email and then she started sending me these things," Gallimore said.

Why his wife would want Burmeister dead, Gallimore can only speculate. She thinks it's so Johnnie Melissa Burmeister could have custody of their kids and get her husband's life insurance policy. Michael Burmeister, she says, is a retired Army drill sergeant.

Police say he had no idea that his wife was plotting to end his life. They aren't releasing how Burmeister allegedly wanted to have her husband killed or why or how much she may have been willing to pay to get the job done.

"He's very shaken up by this whole incident and he hasn't been sleeping. His main concern right now is his children," Gallimore added.

Johnnie Melissa Burmeister is scheduled to appear in court in Columbus Friday morning.

She is charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder. Her Columbus Recorder's Court hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Friday.

Even though she lives in North Georgia and her husband lives in Phenix City, police say Mrs. Burmeister is charged in Columbus because that's where the crime was committed.

More details are expected to come out when she appears in court for her preliminary hearing.

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