Be There: Shopping Sense

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A lot of parents will admit they feel the urge to leave their children at home before heading to the grocery store, but one mother brings her kids along and makes them do the shopping.

"Where do we find milk?" Jennifer Floyd asked her children.

When it comes to making her grocery list, Jennifer Floyd says she lets her kids do the work, "I usually have my oldest do it because he's learning his spelling, so he does it neatly so it'll make it easier for the younger one to read it."

Her younger son Ian calls out the items they need to buy, "Milk, pop-tarts, eggs, cheese and bread."

While her older son William learns more about shopping.

Floyd told News Leader Nine, "We'll talk about good food, healthy food, junk food. When we're shopping we compare what's lower and higher in regards to money, that way my older one gets math in. My younger one will try to read what's on the list and we see what the signs say so we can get him to learn how to read."

And not only do the kids leave with some important lessons, but mom ends up forking out less cash at the register. She explained, "If they help me make the list then I don't have them trying to grab things off the shelf and they don't struggle to see what they can get because they're incorporated in the process."

Another lesson the kids are learning is the difference between a want and a need. When they ask their mom if they can have something off a shelf or they want to add something to the grocery list she makes them determine if they just want it or they really need it.

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