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Auburn football season nearly doubles interested high school students wanting to come to Auburn

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AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Auburn University's enrollment is going to be very competitive for the upcoming 2011 freshman class. More than 10,000 high school students have come to Auburn for campus tours and information, that's compared to just 6,500 students last year.

Auburn's undefeated football season is believed to be the backbone for the increasing interest.

Jim Parrish, Assistant Director for Auburn Recruitment, says "it was a record number of students that came in just overwhelming response to initially the academic quality but as the year went on the popularity with how our football team did and athletic department."

Brittany Kahlstorf with recruiting adds about the campus tours, "We've had so many people come in, they've all got their Auburn gear on from the bookstore, it's just been definitely more of a family atmosphere and a lot more visitors come in and everyone's been really excited."

Between Cam Newton, Auburn Tigers or Auburn University plastered on nearly every article around the country the admissions office is finding potential students are coming from all corners of the nation, not just the southeast.

"We've seen pockets in Chicago, the Northeast, out West and with the West factor we have had students from the Phoenix, area where we had the national championship." Said Parrish.

With so many hopeful students, the application process has become competitive as Auburn tries to keep the freshman classes at 4,000 students. Those 4,000 will be less than half of the interested students.

Parrish says, "we feel that 4,000 freshman gives us the size of class that we can manage and if we can manage that, it keeps Auburn kind of what the Auburn culture is;  A close-knit family environment."

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