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Possible college tuition hikes for the upcoming year

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Thousands of college students in our area and across the state are likely to face sizeable hikes in their tuition.

Earlier this week, the Chancellor for the Georgia Board of Regents said if Georgia Governor Nathan's Deal's proposed budget is passed then students could face up to a 30% increase in their college tuition. 

Some students said this could not only hurt them, but their families as well.  Adam Miller explained his family cannot afford a spike in his college tuition.

"The money is tight already.  We are taking care of my grandmother and other stuff so the money is tight, an increase would just make things even tighter," Miller said.

Chancellor Erroll Davis Jr. testified on the state capitol tuition would need to be boosted by about 30% to replace expected lost state funds.

We talked with the Board of Regents, and they stressed a drastic increase of 30% would not happen.  However, the current tuition at Columbus State University is about $2200 per semester for in-state students not living on campus.  If there is a 20% increase in tuition, this would spike to about $2640.

Dean Chip Reese is the Dean of Students and Enrollment Management at CSU.  He said the increase intuition is inevitable.

"We've got to have some increases, but they have to be reasonable.  If they are unreasonable, it's like any other business.  You can price yourself out of business," explained Reese.

Dean Reese said the Georgia Board of Regents has to keep the students, like Miller, in mind.

"Tuition costs, housing costs, meals. It has to be in a position where it's affordable."

Dean Reese stressed these hikes will not affect students with the HOPE Scholarship.  HOPE will continue to cover tuition costs even if those prices increase.

The Board of Regents says without a final state budget they cannot determine a concrete increase.

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