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Police: Man finds burglar inside his home, shots fired

By Roslyn Giles

COLUMBUS, GA WTVM - When a 23-year-old man returned to his 23rd Street home early Friday morning, he got an unwanted surprise. He found a burglary in process. 

The victim told police he was confronted by another male who had been hiding behind the front door inside the man's apartment. 

According to police reports, the man pointed a small silver revolver at the victim and said, "Gimme what you got."

The victim stated he then gave the gunman his black leather jacket with a Home Depot credit card and a SunTrust debit card and $5.00 in the pocket.

The suspect then became angry and fired the gun twice as he demanded more money.  He even went as far as making the victim pull down his pants in a frantic search for more cash.  

In addition to the few dollars, the man also got away with a shovel the victim was using to protect himself, 2 refurbished Sony Play stations, a silver Verizon Razor cell phone valued at $200.00 before running away on foot, the report stated. 

Police also stated the living room was ransacked and a television was ripped from the TV stand. They found a spent bullet on the bathroom floor.

The victim was not hurt and the investigation continues.

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