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2011 Men and Women's Health Expo pushes for a healthier future

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The 2011 Men and Women's  Health Expo drew more a thousand people who filled the Columbus Convention and Trade Center waiting for hemoglobin tests, eye examines, flu shots, and even for a little bit of Zumba dancing. 

The expo focused on free screening such as blood tests, cancer profiles, cardiovascular tests, and general and mental health tests.

Elijah Ogletree says he uses the health expo to take his health into his hands.

"When you come out here, you get screened.  By getting screened, I can monitor my own health," said Ogletree.

Doctor John Declue said Ogletree's outlook is the right one.  He and almost eighty different health services turned out to encourage and help people live a healthier lifestyle. 

"We're just trying to get people to be aware of their own health and take charge. Here's your numbers, take them with you, you know where you stand, and this is what you need to do," said Dr. Declue.

Dr. Declue explained the expo focuses on screening, the same screening that he and other doctors stress is so important to a healthy lifestyle.

"Just for the awareness of people to take care of their basic numbers: their blood pressure, their blood sugar, their cholesterol," said Dr. Declue.

 Doctor Declue also said getting these screenings are vital to your well-being.

"Find out what's wrong, find out the numbers that are not where they should be and then, you know if you need to get into to see a doctor to discuss that with him and see if there's any medications you need or make lifestyle changes," explained Dr. Declue.

Olgetree had one more piece of advice.  For this patient, the benefits of taking charge of his health far outweighs the downfalls.

"I learned that flu shots don't hurt as bad as I thought it would," said Ogletree.

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