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Ga. judges push back against trooper bill

ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia judges are pushing back against legislation named for a state trooper killed last month that would ban them from releasing defendants accused of violent crimes on their own recognizance.

The Council of Superior Court Judges contends the legislation would take away too much of the judges' discretion.

Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Billy Ray, who heads the

council's legislative committee said "nobody liked what happened in the case of the trooper who was killed. But I don't think the bill really honors the trooper."

House Bill 32 would prohibit judges from issuing recognizance bonds for people charged with violent felonies, requiring them to pay bail to be released.

It was named after Georgia State Patrol Trooper Chadwick LeCroy, who was fatally shot in the neck during a Dec. 27 traffic stop.

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