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Base realignment, consumer confidence, and the housing market

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  30,000 is the magic number when it comes to the relationship between base realignment and real estate.  This is the number of people expected to move into the surrounding area within the year.  Wayne Long is a realtor with Keller Williams.  He said he is hoping BRAC will help his real estate listings.

"We're expecting to be very busy and we're probably going to work a lot of hours and we're happy about that," said Long.

Long said he has already seen some positive effects of BRAC.  Just yesterday, his company signed a contract with one family moving from Fort Knox.

"We've had some influx of troops already.  It has not gotten to the point where the big influx has started," said Long.

Right now that means working to be able to provide homes for all those troops.

"We are putting together a database.  We are starting to make contact with people who are coming here.  We pick up a lot of them on the Internet.  So we are starting to work with people," explained Long.

But is all this really connected just to BRAC?

Dave Erickson he credited an improving economy.  After all, the full influx of people has not happened yet.

"Consumer confidence is a big part of what we're seeing.  In the last six months, housing sales have gone up noticeably, and consumer confidence has a lot to do with that," explained Erickson.

Erickson said this consumer confidence actually plays a bigger role in the number of new home sales in Columbus than BRAC.

"People are no longer concerned that they are going to lose their job next month," said Erickson.

Despite the reasoning, one good thing both Long and Erickson pointed out is that housing sales and new builds should be going up as the year progresses.  Also, this could help homeowners who are looking to sell their current home and purchase another.  The demand for houses will rise allowing them to enter into the market.

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