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Lee County voters want Pres. Obama to address jobs

By Katherine Kington -  bioemail

LEE COUNTY, AL  (WTVM) - We met up with Ken Thrower at the Goodwill Career Center.  He's applying for a second job.

He's a prime example of Lee County's lower unemployment rate - with one job, but it just isn't enough to provide for a family.

"The jobs offered are minimum wage jobs and not an opportunity to better yourself so to say. We all just want to take care of our families and we're hard working people."

Sue Tate says she knows how hard the job market is.  Working for Allegiance Staffing, she's been interviewing people all day.

Last week, Allegiance had a job fair, accepting 273 applications, but the real question for President Obama.

"Is it going to be long term? Benefits, such as insurance, retirement, because so many companies now have taken away your 401K,"  asked Tate.

Tate says, in these times just getting hired is hard enough but simply having a job is simply not enough, "I hear a lot of people say I need a job where I can have benefits."

As Thrower writes down information on different jobs available in the area. He's hopeful that he'll get a better job. 

He also hopes the State of the Union touches on American companies keeping their employees in this country. "We send our jobs elsewhere when there's people here at home that need a job. Its not right, it's not fair," said Thrower.

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