IHOP officials reviewing YouTube fight video

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - A Midlands restaurant's parent company is reviewing video of a fight in its dining room to determine how to make the dining experience safer for its patrons.

A spokesperson for International House of Pancakes says corporate leaders are looking at a video posted on YouTube showing an out of control early morning crowd at its Orangeburg location early Saturday morning.

The cell phone video shows punches flying, drinks being thrown and tables and chairs being knocked over in the dining room at the IHOP on North Road.

The two minute clip starts out with an unidentified woman yelling "I ride the ride! I ride the ride!" Then she yells "Back off! Back off!" and punches start flying.

The video is unsettling to some Orangeburg residents. "It bothers me that my mother, my family could be out trying to enjoy a simple meal," said Eric Collins. "It makes you wonder... Am I going to be next? Am I going to get caught in this?"

During the brawl, a man with a black jacket with "security" written on the back attempts to break up the fight, but the punching and name calling continues.

Later in the video a man can be swinging what looks like a cane at an unidentified woman. That same man is seen at the end of the video walking toward the door of the restaurant claiming he 'hasn't done anything.'

Kenneth Collier and his goddaughter are embarrassed the video is getting attention on the Internet. "It just make us look bad, ignorant, all of the above," said Collier. "It's just ridiculous."

"I don't see how you can talk about kids acting the way they do. When grown-ups acting like that. I just don't understand," said Collier. "I guess they're looking for a reality show."

Interim Sheriff Barbara Walters said deputies were dispatched to the restaurant Saturday morning, but management did not wish to file a report.

Walters also said nobody that appeared in the video has contacted the sheriff's office to file a complaint.

The video was posted on YouTube on Saturday and has already received over 40,000 views.

"People need to respect each other," said Collins.  "We've got too many problems in this country to watch that on the news. We've got soldiers fighting a war and they fighting over pancakes."

IHOP has refused to talk about the incident on camera, but a spokesperson says safety is always the company's top priority. Officials say this was an isolated fight.

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