Deputies react quickly to courtroom attack

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The first day of a murder trial turned into a courtroom brawl Tuesday morning as the brother of murder victim Jilani Platt jumped the barrier in court and attacked murder suspect Zyderrious Platt, attempting to beat him with a chair, while screaming "I'll kill you".

News Leader Nine was the only news station inside the courtroom with our cameras were rolling.

The outburst right before the trial started was completely unexpected, but the deputies on duty were fully prepared for it.

Gerald Carter acted fast as he jumped over the courtroom barrier, grabbed a chair and attempted to attack the man accused of killing his sister and her unborn child -- Zyderrious Platt. But before Carter could do too much damage, the deputies with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Department stepped in.

"We have systems set up throughout the building that notify us when there's a problem in any of the courtrooms and any of the other offices in the government center and it worked flawlessly today," explained Major Randy Robertson with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office.

You can hear Carter screaming that he wants to kill Platt and his sister did not deserve to die as deputies put him in handcuffs.

Robertson said, "After reviewing the tape and watching everything, the deputies' reaction along with the time and the way they reacted was absolutely perfect according to their training."

Robertson tells News Leader Nine there were no serious injuries to anyone, just a few bumps and bruises, "I think today is a prime example of how that extra money and extra training worked perfectly in the situation. Especially in the case we had of a defendant charged with murder and a very emotional family member who was very physically fit. If he had not been obtained by the law enforcement and the deputy sheriff's in the room, he could have done some a lot of damage."

The Muscogee County Sheriff's Department tells us Gerald Carter, the brother of Jilani Platt, will not be facing contempt or any other charges for attacking murder suspect Zyderrious Platt, "The only thing I can really tell you is he's a brother that was really upset and apparently loved his sister tremendously."

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