Child brings knife to school, threatens classmate

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WXTX) -  The mother of a student at Ladonia Elementary School in Phenix City says her 7-year-old daughter can't fall asleep at night after being threatened by a classmate.

She asked us to conceal her identity to protect her child as she explained what happened in an interview Tuesday.

"They were in P.E. And the little boy fell down and got embarrassed. Some of the kids were making fun of him and when he looked up, he thought it was my daughter. He started chasing her around the gym and he told her he was going to cut her throat with a knife. After that, we found out that the boy had a knife in his pants pocket," she said.

When WTVM first got wind of the threat, Russell County School Superintendent Dr. William Green said the little boy did not have a weapon. Once he saw the reports from the incident, however, he realized the encounter was more serious.

"We have had an incident out at Ladonia Elementary where a second grade student did bring a knife to school in a backpack. We've done out discipline and notified the authorities under mandatory reporting. The incident has been handled. We're sorry that it happened and we hope that nothing else happens," he revealed at the Russell County School Board offices in Phenix City Tuesday.

Green says counselors have been brought in to speak to the entire student body at Ladonia Elementary about what's unacceptable to say and bring to school.

Officials won't say what disciplinary action was taken against the 7-year-old boy but the victim's mother says he was back in class one day after he threatened her child's life. She wants the boy expelled or at least moved to another class.

"I want something in place for second graders for this not to happen to someone else's child," she added.

Green says it's hard to tell if the little boy understand the magnitude of his words at his young age but the victim's mother says he should face harsher consequences to understand early on that his actions were serious in nature.

According to Dr. Green, teachers at Ladonia Elementary are keeping an eye on the contents of backpacks.

He says officials at the school are working to keep the two children involved in this incident separated.

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