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Lawmaker wants to ban headphones on pedestrians

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (CNN) - It's not unusual to see runners and pedestrians with headphones on.

But if one Arkansas lawmaker gets his way, it may soon be against the law.

State Sen. Jimmy Jeffress is introducing a bill that would ban pedestrians from wearing headphones in both ears while close to a street, intersection or highway. Runners would be able to wear headphones in one ear so the other is free to listen for traffic.

Runner Charlie Moore says pedestrians should use their own judgment.

"Oh, it's just common sense. In certain areas I think you probably should not wear those," he said. "I certainly would not like for someone to dictate to me where I'm going to wear my ear buds and where I'm not."

Other runners say the law would be difficult to enforce.

"Is someone going to be running behind me to see? Especially this, I've got a hat on right now. Could they tell if they're in both ears?" asked Tim Poole.

The legislation doesn't spell out any penalty for wearing the headphones. Jeffress says it isn't about punishment, but awareness.

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