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Day two of Zyderrious Platt murder trial

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  It's the second day after an emotionally explosive start to a Columbus murder trial as Zyderrious Platt stands trial for allegedly killing his wife, Jilani Platt, and their unborn child.

News Leader Nine was in the courtroom Wednesday as key testimony was heard on the stand from several police officers, including one who Platt called saying he wanted to "end this today", leading him to Jilani's body in a retention pond.

Court started at 9:30 a.m. in Judge Bobby Peters courtroom where Jilani Platts family listened to the gruesome details of how their pregnant daughters body was found in a retaining pond after her husband allegedly killed her.

26-year-old Jilani Platt was originally reported as a missing person in October 2009, but with help from an admission from her husband Zyderrious Platt, they soon found her body.

The prosecution played a copy of the tape investigators made of Zyderrious Platt telling them exactly how his pregnant wife ended up dead. He admits to fighting with her, choking her, wrapping her in a blanket with a cinder block, accidentally shooting her then putting her body in a drainage pond.

Several law enforcement agents took the witness stand to explain how Zyderrious Platt lead them to Jilanis body,and admitted his involvement in her death. The witnesses also described the location Jilani was found at and showed the graphic pictures of what her body looked like after being pulled from the pond.

The medical examiner was the last person called to the stand. He explained to the jury how the bullet entered and exited Jilani's head and that, was in fact, the cause of her death.

The jury will return again Thursday to hear the remaining evidence in this murder trial.

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