Teachers using cell phones to teach

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Beginning February 1st, electronic devices, like cell phones, mp3 players and digital cameras will be allowed to enter the school building in Eufaula Schools.  Before this new policy, they were banned from campus.  Superintendent Barry Sadler said "we had cell phones in the schools anyway, despite what our policy said."  School systems across Alabama are adopting the same policy.

Students, especially high schoolers, like the idea.  Senior Paige Rowland said, "we are always looking for freedom.  It is kind of a give and take. So, in return I think the students will be more willing to obey the policy."

Cell phones used inappropriately will be confiscated for three days for the first offense.  The consequences increase with misuse.

Proration in Alabama has left funds for technology dwindling.  Eufaula High School Teacher Brian Williams said using cell phones kids already have is a great option.  He is excited to get started with a new instant response website where he enters a question and students are allowed to text an answer.  The free system then automatically polls the results.  He says the instant feedback makes him a better teacher and makes the students more responsive.

The new cell phone policy is just one of the steps to transition Eufaula City Schools into being a model system in the use of technology.

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