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Fort Benning soldier released from jail but still faces charges

By MacKenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A Fort Benning soldier is out of the Muscogee County Jail.  

Federal agents arrested Stuart Adcock last week for charges of the Possession of an Unregistered Explosive Device and Giving False Statements to the FBI. 

In a hearing, Magistrate Court Judge Stephen Hyles agreed to what he referred to as "the least restrictive condition" of custody for Adcock.  

The soldier is now under the supervision of his Unit Commander on Fort Benning. 

He is confined strictly to his unit which essentially only includes his barracks.  

Adcock's attorney, Franklin J. Hogue, said this is good news. "He will not be allowed to leave that area to go roam around the base, let alone leave the base, but that's much better than being in the county jail," Hogue explained.

Stuart Adcock's attorney said the soldier is relieved with the outcome of Thursday morning's federal court hearing.

"He's glad that he's not going to be sitting in a Muscogee County Jail where he's been now for almost a week," said Hogue.

 A week ago, Adcock was arrested. An affidavit filed by an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) special agent says a confidential source contacted authorities saying Adcock had a fragmentation grenade and more explosives at his Columbus apartment.

Adcock's attorney said that source is the suspect's brother-in-law.

After the agents established the source was credible, Adcock was located on Fort Benning and interviewed by FBI agents.  

The affidavit states at first he denied having any explosives in his possession and agreed to a search of his apartment off Milgen Road in the Hampton Place complex in Columbus.

Agents and Adcock left in separate vehicles and when they got to the complex, they met his girlfriend who was seen walking along a wooded area behind the complex.

Agents searched Adcock's apartment, but did not find anything illegal. 

Before leaving, agents searched the wooded area behind the complex where they say they found one live fragmentation grenade, two flash bang grenades and one starburst (military flare).  

Officials say it is illegal for civilians to possess these items.  

According to the affidavit, Adcock's girlfriend later admitted that he called her and told her to hide the explosives.

The affidavit also says after agents confronted Adcock about the explosives, he admitted to lying about his possession of the explosives and that he instructed his girlfriend to conceal them.

 In federal court, the government pointed out 500 people, including 150 children, live at these apartments.

 Along with not leaving his unit, another condition of Adcock's release is the soldier's personal firearms had to be removed from his home earlier today.

"We just agreed for a family member is to go to take those weapons from his apartment here is columbus," explained Hogue.

Adcock has been an Army Ranger for five years. He is a Ranger for the Third Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment on Fort Benning. He has been deployed twice: once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.

He was scheduled to deploy this week to Afghanistan again, but he must stay on post.   His attorney said Adcock is disappointed to not be leaving with the rest of his unit.

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