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Jury finds Zyderrious Platt guilty of murder and feticide

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  After a little more than an hour in deliberation Thursday, the jury found Zyderrious Platt guilty on all the charges related to the death of his wife Jilani and their unborn baby.

Jurors came back with a guilty verdict just before 6:00 p.m. Judge Peters read, "Zyderrious Platt on the count of murder we the jury find him guilty."

Defense Attorney Robert Watkins said, "I thought it was certainly possible that they'd come back fairly quickly."

"The jury did the right thing. They heard the evidence and they did the right thing," added Prosecuting Attorney Michael Craig.

Zyderrious Platt showed little remorse during the trial but his family said off camera quote: "This is a tragedy for both families. We lost a loved one too. We all miss and love Jilani very much."

Jilani's family simply said "God is good!" as they left the courtroom.

Watkins told News Leader 9, "It was a tough case, a very tough case. There was a lot of evidence that was hard to overcome."

Craig said, "The state is very pleased with the verdict. We're really happy for the family, number one. And number two, law enforcement was incredible in this case. Everyone did an outstanding job in this case -- members of the DA's office. It was a team effort all the way."

Judge Peters addressed Zyderrious Platt, "You cold-bloodedly killed them and killed a 10-week-old baby. I just don't see any mercy to be granted to you."

Platt was sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences plus five years in prison for killing Jilani Platt and her baby.

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