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Class is in session for the Armor School at Fort Benning

By Roslyn Giles -  bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Armor School instructors are conducting their first classes at The Home of the Infantry, Fort Benning, Georgia.  Using live engines from the Bradley Fighting Vehicles, the courses are being taught in the new facilities on Harmony Church.

The course outline involves teaching new soldiers to operate and think logically when troubleshooting mechanical failures with the equipment that carries soldiers to their destinations on the battlefield and also has the capability to fire at a target. 

"It's just like when you go to turn on a light and it doesn't come on the first thing you will check to see if it's plugged in and if it is, is the bulb working…just thinking in a logical way," said Randy Stackhouse, Staff Sergeant from Fort Knox.

Sergeant First Class Brian Hahner added, "We are using real-life examples to get the soldiers to use common sense when they're on the battlefield and to think like a mechanic when something malfunctions."

The engine is the moving force inside the Bradley. News Leader 9 showed you a glimpse of the fleet as it arrived last August from Kentucky.

"It makes perfect sense for the Armor School to be here at Fort Benning because the Bradleys and the Infantry go hand in hand, explained Staff Sergeant Randy Stackhouse.

Soldiers like Adam Smith who recently graduated from basic training seemed to grasp the concepts.

"You go back to where you have the power and then go forward, until you find where the problem is; it's really a good flow of what was an easy to understand example."

 This course is an initial segment in a series of training sessions which ends in April.

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