Your chance to win free Super Bowl tickets

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)-  Two time NFL Super Bowl Champion Darrin Smith is playing out his passion. Smith said he loves to read to children and now wants a million people to do the same.

"Make a pledge to reading a book to a child that's all we're asking."

A tall order for a man with a laundry list of accomplishments on and off the field. "I really saw football more as a vehicle to get my education not to get to the NFL, added Smith"

Smith, the only player in the history of the NFL to earn 2 NCAA National Championships, 2 super bowl rings and an MBA told us his passion derived from people putting books in his hands as a child.

"What I hold highest is my degrees from college."  Smith says that's because growing up in the projects of Miami, with the odds stacked against him, he learned the importance of reading.

"That's what really encouraged me and that's giving back to our young people, that's giving back to our families, the gifts that were given to me."

His gift to you, the Million Book Read, an international literacy pledge campaign co-founded by Columbus native Jeff Buchanan.

"It's a global project with a local impact and we're so excited to have Columbus take part in this," said Buchanan.

And by making the same commitment as Smith and Buchanan, you could win two free tickets to the Super Bowl.