Liberty Theatre launches campaign to raise funds

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX)- For Sheila Green-Williams the Liberty Theatre is her home away from home. She wandered the halls as a young child- Her mother was a ticket attendant at the box office during the theatre's hay-day. With those days long gone The Liberty has met tough times and is fighting, trying to avoid a final curtain call.

Sheila says if The Liberty closes, its children that will hurt and suffer the most.

"What makes it so sad is because we are so involved with the kids here, you know the kids hear about the Liberty, they here about the summer program hear about the dancing classes, voice, piano, and they are excited about coming here," Green-Williams said.

That is why a group of liberty theatre volunteers are coming together to start a letter writing campaign to raise funds for The Liberty.

"We really need the funds in order to keep The Liberty theatre open," Vickie Stafford said.

Liberty volunteer Vickie Stafford tells us that the campaign is simple. All they need from the community is letters.

"Send a letter explaining why The Liberty is important to you and why you feel that it should remain open," Stafford said.

Their goal is to collect at least 100 letters. They will then put them into packets filled with Liberty memorabilia to create awareness about the theatre's programs. This packet will then be sent to big names like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry.

Playwright Jonathan Perkins is hoping this initiative helps; he's produced several productions on The Liberty theatre stage, including blues for mama which opens tonight.

"Wonderful crop of talented actors are really bringing a compelling story to the stage," Perkins said.

Sheila Green-Williams plays mama in tonight's production; she says with everyone's help The Liberty will have its own encore.

"We're going through a little rut right now but it will take the community to help us get it back together," Green-Williams said.

You can email your Letter to the Liberty Theatre at

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