Federal judge upholds law banning guns in places of worship

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

MIDLAND, GA (WXTX) -  The question on many minds at the Georgia State Capitol right now: should guns be allowed in places of worship?  According to an Associated Press article, a federal judge upheld Georgia's law banning guns in churches and other places of worship last week.  On the same day, State Rep. Bobby Franklin of Marietta filed a bill that would remove places of worship from the list of firearm banned areas.

For Nick Nicholson, a member of Solid Rock Assembly of God in Midland, the bill is welcomed.

"As an American, I think we have the right to carry a weapon and the right to protect ourselves," explained Nicholson.

Nicholson said He understands why some may not want to see guns in church, but to him, The location of an event does not matter.

"I just believe that we have the right to protect ourselves no matter where it may be," said Nicholson.

Pastor Jay Bailey of Solid RocK said in his opinion, as long as members are accountable, it does not matter whether or not they carry guns.

"If a citizen is responsible, a member having a gun on him is not going to be an issue.  You know it is those citizens who want to do harm with mal-intent, they will cause the issue," explained Bailey.

Pastor Bailey offered another way to keep congregation members safe.

"I believe that the greatest thing that we can do is to be proactive and having police presence in a police vehicle will help to be a determent to anyone who wants to come on our campus and do wrong," said Bailey.

Both Pastor Bailey and Nicholson agree that safety is the priority.

"We're a family here, and we need to protect each other," said Nicholson.

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