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Homeless couple wins tickets to Super Bowl

GREEN BAY, WI (CNN) - They may not have money to go to dinner and a movie, but the surprise one homeless couple in Green Bay, WI, on Saturday was super, literally.

Ouida Wright and her boyfriend Aaron won tickets to the Super Bowl.

The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau held a contest, requiring participants to log onto its Facebook page to find a secret phrase.

Over the weekend a "mystery man" walked the streets of Green Bay and Ouida Wright was the first person to utter that secret phrase to him.

"And I said, 'have you been to Dallas lately?' And he said, 'why yes I have.' And I said, 'are you he contest guy?' to which he replied, 'why yes I am," Wright said. "Can you imagine, a homeless person who can't afford to go to a movie gets to go to the Super Bowl?"

Wright and her boyfriend could be seen cheering along with other Green Bay fans after learning they'd won hotel accommodations and tickets to the Super Bowl from the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

They were a little concerned about travel expenses, but in a surprise move, the DCV also threw in airfare for their trip as well.

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