FL library uses book vending machines to aid customers

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

POLK COUNTY, FL (CNN) - There's a novel new way to find books now in Polk County, FL - and it's probably not what you expect.

Two new rental machines have been set up at the Polk Outpost 27 Tourism Center.

They look just like vending machines. But instead of chips and soft drinks, they dispense DVD's and books.

They were installed for convenience, and since some residents in the county live so far away from a traditional library, this makes it a lot easier for the library system to reach more of the community.

All that's needed is a valid library card.

"It just worked out great that we could help provide library services for people up in this part of the county," said Hank Longo who is the manager of visitor services at Polk County Tourism & Sports Marketing.

The vending machines are monitored by a computer system at the library cooperative, so workers know when they need to bring in new supplies.

Residents will be able to check out three items at one time and keep them for up to three weeks.

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