Five charged with illegal gambling

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  Five Columbus friends spent the night in jail after being arrested for playing dice.

The Special Operations Unit of the Columbus Police Department had received complaints of people loitering and gambling outside a south Columbus apartment complex. When they arrived they found four men and a woman exchanging money over a game of dice.

The incident happened at the Chapel Place Apartments on 20th Street.

Neighbors, like George Alexander, say gambling is a growing problem, and they are thankful for police presence in the area, "If you look around you see people standing around, rolling dice. It's just gone too far out here and the city officials and the police department, they talk about it quite frequently when they come out here."

Alexander says his elderly mother lives in the area and he wants all the illegal activity to stop. He added, "They're going to be back when the weather breaks, they'll be back, it's not over yet. These folks come over every day and gamble. There's a church, a housing project and people live around here, but this makes it look bad on people that live around here."

Eric Dunn, Brandon Brown, Keihanna Dunn, Marteaz Burt and Eddie Hawkins were all charged with loitering and gambling. Eric Dunn was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Columbus police did confiscate the dice and the cash.

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