Christian college to open at West Point

From Atlanta Christian College

WEST POINT, GA - Citing the need for a campus that can accommodate future growth of the student body, physical campus and athletic offerings, as well as position the college to draw students from more areas of the Southeast , Atlanta Christian College announced that it will relocate its main campus in East Point, Ga., to the city of West Point, Ga (About West Point) in 2012.

 "We've been searching for nearly four years for a place that would give us the ability to grow in every aspect of campus life—from enrollment to constructing additional dorms and athletic facilities—and the thriving community of West Point and the Greater Valley Region had everything we were looking for," said Atlanta Christian College President Dean Collins.

 The private, four-year liberal arts college also announced it will change its name to Point University as of July 1, 2011. In relocating beyond the metro-Atlanta area, the college realized that its current name no longer accurately described it. 

The relocation to West Point marks a new era in the life of the school, and the new name reflects both where Point University has come from—East Point—and where it is going—West Point.  More importantly, the new name underscores the university's focus on the point of life—Jesus Christ—and the fact that its students are points of influence in culture and the marketplace. 

Throughout the Bible, God often gave a new name to those embarking on a new journey.  So too, Point University seeks to honor the challenge and opportunity God has entrusted to it by adopting a new name.

In addition to its relocation and name change, Point University also announced today it will add football, as well as softball and cross country, to its sports programs.  The school will field a club team for football in fall 2011 and hopes to compete as part of the NAIA in 2012.   The school's mascot will remain The Chargers and the colors will remain blue and gold.

What's Happening When

* July 2011: Our name changes to Point University.

Fall 2011: Expansion of athletics to include club football, softball and cross country. Plans call for launching a satellite location in Savannah.

* Summer 2012: Our administrative offices relocate to West Point.

* Fall 2012: Point University's first semester of classes will be in West Point (for more information on the new campus visit About Point University).

* Fall 2012: Point University will maintain an adult degree program in East Point and a program for adult learners and dual-credit enrollment program for high school students in Peachtree City.