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43 balloons of heroin found in suspect's genital area

By Jeff Rivenbark - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Police officers arrested three people last month who they say were trafficking heroin, and in one case, a suspect had 43 balloons of the illegal drug in his genital area.

According to a search warrant, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer D. Pogue received a tip from a confidential source that a Hispanic male in a silver Dodge Neon with NC tag number ZYZ 6831 was transporting and delivering heroin in the Charlotte area.

On Jan. 31, Pogue observed Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Isabel Cruz Marin getting into this particular vehicle parked outside 4926 Rosena Drive, off Idlewild Road North and Lawyers Road in east Charlotte.

The officer attempted a traffic stop after Alvarez failed to activate his turn signal.

Alvarez did not have a N.C. driver's license, and he was placed under arrest.

A police canine was brought to the scene and an open air drug sniff was conducted around the vehicle, the warrant says.  The canine alerted the officers to the presence of drugs inside the car.

Cops found four pieces of colored balloons underneath the seats along with three plastic bags.  Two of them were tied in knots.

As Pogue was about to search Alvarez, the officer noticed six balloons of heroin on the ground.  Pogue searched Alvarez and found a plastic bag containing 43 balloons of heroin in Alvarez' genital area.

Police also searched Marin and found six heroin balloons, the warrant states.

She told police they received the drugs from a man named "Pablo" who lived at 4926 Rosena Drive.

Police later went back to the home after obtaining a search warrant where they seized the following items:  $80,715, 110 heroin balloons containing heroin, 1 card with heroin residue, 1 plastic roll, 1 bag of balloons, 10 pieces of mail, 9 legal papers, 2 notebooks, 1 cell phone, 26 plastic bags and 15 rubber bands.

Three days prior to this incident, police arrested Rudolpo Munoz-Garcia at 8310 Carter Creek Drive off the 7800 block of East Independence Boulevard near Matthews.

Police say they received another tip that Munoz-Garcia would be driving a gray Ford Contour car and delivering of a large quantity of heroin to this address.  During this arrest, police found 63 balloons of heroin in a baggie.  Munoz-Garcia was charged with trafficking heroin. 

Police say the vehicle Munoz-Garcia was driving was registered to him at the 4926 Rosena Drive address.

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