Point University moves to West point

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

WEST POINT, GA (WTVM) -  A big move four years in the making has been decided: Atlanta Christian College is coming to West Point. And with it the school is bringing new collegiate sports, new growth and a new name.

"We are all incredibly excited about Atlanta Christian College moving to West Point and changing their name to Point University. The impact it will have on our community will be profound," said West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson.

The President of Point University, Dean Collins, made the big announcement to students earlier this week, and brought the good news to the city of West Point Thursday. He told News Leader Nine, "I thought it would take a lot of explaining: that you'd have to come down and see it, but just the videos they've seen, the conversations we've had, the few students that have been down, the impression this community has made on the students, the students are thrilled."

Point University currently has close to 100 staff members and more than 1,100 students enrolled. Its first school year in West Point, which will be August 2012, they are aiming to have 300 new students.

Collins said, "It will be a slow migration. We are considering we might start our adult program in advance of our traditional program as a way for people to become familiar with us."

"I really like the small community. I've always liked small communities and historical towns. I think it's going to be a really great change for us and a chance to expand," added Point University junior Tyler Blount.

And expansion is a big goal for the university's future. They are talking about bringing a football team to the area and creating jobs for residents.

Mayor Ferguson explained, "This is going to create an additional need for housing, it will create additional jobs that will need to fill retail and commercial sectors of our community. The college itself will have solid employment numbers."

Although students and faculty won't be starting class until summer 2012, residents can start to see construction in the area as soon as this summer. The official name change will take place on July 1st, at that time the president of the university and other faculty members will be making West Point their new home.

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