Girl found lewd message on candy

NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA (CNN) - A 12-year-old California girl found an adult message written on a very popular Valentine's Day candy.

Ciara Bush said she was eating a bag of conversation hearts when she read the lewd message on Wednesday.

"I was reading them and I brought it to my mom after I saw it," Ciara said.

Ciara's parents were shocked.

"Yes, well my daughter comes up to my wife and says, 'Thanks mom for the Valentine's Day,' and we both read it and both of our jaws drop," said Ciara's dad, Derrick Deanda.

The small candy heart referenced derogatory term for a woman's chest. Deanda said he will not sue, but he wanted to warn other parents.

"I wanted to bring it to everybody's attention, you know, watch what you get," Deanda said. "Check it before you send it to school."

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