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Keeping your kids germ free at daycare and home

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  One local doctor said this is peak season for strep throat and the flu.  Getting sick is hard enough, but for some parents, it is even worse when their children are sick. 

The students at a Growing Room Development Center in Columbus are learning more than just their ABCs.  Theo Parker, a student, said his favorite part about washing his hands is soap.  The other 2 year old students agreed with Parker.  They said soap is the best part of washing hands.  All these students learn every day about being clean. 

Jennifer Carpenter, the Vice President for Early Childhood Education and a Senior Director for Growing Room, said fighting germs starts at the door.  Carpenter explained parents have to use hand sanitizer before even coming inside.  Then, the first thing students must do when they go into their classroom is wash their hands.  But, the cleaning does not stop there.

"It is continuous washing hands all day long.  Then, sanitizing, cleaning toys, washings hands after they blow their nose, washing hands after they go to the restroom, after they eat, after they do everything," explained Carpenter.

The State of Georgia has specific requirements for a daycare license which includes how often daycare staffers wash their hands and toys being cleaned daily.

At Growing Room, they clean everything throughout the day and then again at the end of the day.

Dr. Richard Mansfield, a pediatrician in Columbus, said this is important for parents trying to keep their kids healthy.

"Try to keep things as clean as possible and try to make sure other places the children are at are clean as well," said Mansfield.

However, sometimes there is no avoiding it.  Your child may still get sick.  Dr. Mansfield said the best thing for sick kids is to stay home so other kids stay germ free.  Dr. Mansfield gave advice on how to avoid getting sick the next time though.

"Stay healthy, drink well, and try to maintain a good healthy lifestyle year round.  That will help you during the sickness season," said Mansfield.

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