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School monitor's bullying, mom says more needs to be done

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus mother says her 15-year-old daughter is being taunted by a group of girls at Kendrick High School.

The school system says they are investigating the report of bullying and monitoring students involved.

The distraught mother says this is not enough, she believes her daughter's life is in danger.

She's going to get the s*** beat out of her," reads Ailcia Woody from the threats that were made to her daughter on the social media website Facebook.

Woody believes the school system is not doing enough.

She told News Leader 9, they have teachers monitoring her daughter in between classes and have moved her locker near the assistant principals office.  "But, what kind of security is that? She can not concentrate at school. It has gotten to the point where she cries. When I took her to first period class this morning she was in tears. I had to take her and clean her face up."

Kendrick High School is investigating the report of bullying and say the students involved are being monitored. They tell us until something is confirmed, they can not take disciplinary action. 

A representative from the school system says the Facebook comments are being looked in to, but because the website was not accessed on school property, it is not their jurisdiction.

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