Farmers say heavy rain brings mixed blessings

Posted by Samuel King - bio | email

BENTON, AL (WSFA) - Some locations have gotten as much as three inches of rain this week. For farmers who are at the mercy of Mother Nature, it's been a mixed blessing.

During feeding time at Triple R Farms in Lowndes County, Dan Rhyne is finding out his cattle eat a lot more when they're cold and wet.

"The worst thing you can have is rain and cold rain," Rhyne said.  "They lose a lot of body heat, you have to feed them more and the calves get sick."

But what's bad for livestock could be good for the upcoming growing season.

"I'm sure you dig a hole now, and three feet down, it's probably still dry," Rhyne said.  "We've been dry for a while now, some good soaking rains is good for farmers in a way."

One way the rain is beneficial is for irrigation ponds.  Many of them are half empty, but continued steady rains like this should help out."

"We built this pond last spring, through the summer and fall drought, it hadn't filled up yet," Rhyne said.  "We're hoping to get rain surface run off into this pond and fill it up.  We do have a way to fill this pond, but Mother Nature does it so much cheaper."

After a rough stretch of weather, Ryhne hopes Mother Nature lets farmers catch a break.

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