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U.S. Senator in Russell County discusses economy of Alabama and nation

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) visited Phenix City to talk with Russell County residents about the economy of Alabama and the nation.  Senator Shelby addressed several hot issues including the job market and the status of the nation's banks. 

For Russell County residents like, Jossie Baber, the number one concern right now is the job market.

"Because people are hurting for jobs and that's what we need in order to make it right," said Baber.

Senator Shelby said solving the nation's problems all go back to making decisions with the people, like Baber, in mind.  Shelby said these county meetings help to remind him of that while giving the people a voice.

 "It lets me have access to the people here but more than that they have access to me," explained Shelby.

Senator Shelby said   job market for the nation is tied to the well-being of banks.

"Try to get the banks healthy where they can loan money to small and medium sized businesses here in the valley because that's where our job creation comes from," said Shelby.

While Senator Shelby said it is going to take some time for more job to develop, Mayor Sonny Coulter for Phenix City encouraged people to have hope.

"There are an awful lot of jobs out there, and I can think of an awful of companies that are looking for people to hire," said Coulter.

Senator Shelby also discussed the balanced budget amendment he just proposed to the U.S. Senate this week.  He said an amendment like this to the U.S. Constitution would help to solve the nation's debt and prevent such a loss from happening again.

"Individuals have to live within their means, but the federal government has not lived within its means," said Shelby.

Senator Shelby will be visiting several other Alabama counties next week.   The following is a list of times and locations for each visit:

 Macon County:            February 10 at 10:00am CST, Tuskegee City Hall

Chambers County:      February 10 at 3:00pm EST/ 2:00pm CST, Lanett City Hall

Randolph County:       February 10 at 4:00pm CST, Roanoke City Hall     

Clay County:               February 11 at 10:00am CST, Garden Terrace Café

Coosa County:            February 11 at 2:00 pm CST, Coosa County Courthouse

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