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Students suspended, brought Ibuprofen to school

By Roslyn Giles -  bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Patricia Singletary, a mother of 4, has signed many student handbooks over the years, but said she never knew Muscogee County School District had specific guidelines for students bringing over the counter medicine to school. 

Singletary found out the hard way when she received a call from her son's school.  The assistant principal told Singletary, Dillon, an 8th grader at Double Churches Middle School was being suspended for 2 days because he had Ibuprofen.

"I was upset because my son is a good student; he never gets into trouble and makes good grades," explained Singletary.

Dillon makes straight A's she added, and he wasn't aware he was breaking school policy.

"My son had a headache; he just asked a classmate if she had any ibuprofen. She got it and handed it to him in his hand and the teacher saw it and took them directly to the office. He didn't even take the pill."

Both students were suspended. "I thought it was too harsh, why couldn't they have ‘in-school-suspension' or a warning"?

News Leader 9 took Singletary's concerns to school officials.  Director of Communications Valerie Fuller, stated, "The policy itself does not change whether it's over the counter or prescription medication."

The policy is spelled out on page 11 of the student behavior handbook. Rule 7 states, "All medication (prescription/non-prescription/over the counter) is to be turned into the office prior to the beginning of the school day."

On the next page, it goes on to state,"If, in the judgment of the principal or designee, the student did commit the alleged offense, the student shall be immediately suspended from school."

Singletary said she's looked over the material, but not word for word.  She wants other parents who may not be aware of the rule to talk it over with the children to avoid getting suspended from school.

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