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Russell County residents speak out on potential landfill

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RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The Russell County Commission held a public hearing regarding the possibility of the new Construction/Demolition Landfill in Phenix City. Residents both for and against had a lot to say on the topic.

"The water will come down from the landfill, through the trough and go into the river." Said Pat Chambley, telling the Russell County Commission why he opposes the landfill.

Hazardous materials leaking into the Chattahoochee River, that thousands use daily, is only one of many concerns regarding the Construction/Demolition Landfill in Russell County.

Those for the proposed landfill say it would only be used for construction materials but many argue those materials filled with dry wall, cleaning supplies for tools, and more will pollute the air and contaminate the water.

Dr. Lynn Wilder with the Centers for Disease Control, spoke about other C/D landfills around the country they have had to investigate, "The residents reported nausea, headache, vomiting, eye, nose and throat irritation fatigue dizziness and memory loss."

Dr. Wilder also said many of these types of landfills she's looked into have uncontrollable fires.   

 But proponents of the Phenix City landfill say strict state guidelines would prevent anything like that from happening here.

"ADEM (Alabama Department of Environmental Management) engineers and their specialists will do in-depth studies ADEM will determine what is required in order to protect the health, the environment and the safety of citizens of Alabama," said Hugh Sorrell, who is for the landfill.

Others for the landfill, who have visited the site, said it's not what most think. 

Chambley disputes that saying, "The clay stops water and sand lets it flow through, when you build a landfill you look for a spot with a lot of clay underground and this place doesn't have it. What is left is mainly sandy porous material that lets water flow through."

The Russell County Commission votes Wednesday on the landfill's future.

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