Students arrested after setting kid's hair on fire on a school bus

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Three high school students are under arrest after being accused of setting another child's hair on fire.

It happened Friday on the bus and the three students were arrested at school and taken away in handcuffs; a freshman and two juniors from Middletown High School. "He had about a quarter inch of his hair burned away," said Dennis Newell, Middletown High School Principal.

Almost immediately after the incident, the 15-year-old victim's mother went to the principal. "She was upset, and rightfully so, that this had happened and it was obviously a bullying situation," said Newell.

The three students were questioned at school Monday, arrested by the school resource officer, cuffed and taken to juvenile jail. Charges include aggravating menacing, assault and obstructing official business.

Middletown schools have a strict zero tolerance policy on bullying. "Obviously we are not going to tolerate it and when it comes up we deal with it," said Newell.

The school quickly took action. "The three students have been charged, and given 10 days suspension and the recommendation for expulsion," said Newell. The three high school boys are in the Butler County Juvenile Facility and will see a judge Tuesday morning.

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