City reports crime is down 8.75%

From the City of Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA - In 2010 Columbus, Georgia's official tally for Part-1 crimes is down 8.78% overall. 

Part-1 crimes are defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as: 

Motor Vehicle Thefts -- down by 513 incidents or 33.75%
Larceny -- down by 392 incidents or 4.19%
Burglary -- down by 346 incidents or 9.11%
Robbery -- down by 98 incidents or 17.04%
Aggravated Assault -- down by 35 incidents or 6.85%
Rape -- down by 7 incidents or 15.91%
Murder -- up by 2 incidents or 15.38% 

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson states, "We are beginning to see the effects of the citizens' investment in our Public Safety system.  We have a way to go in achieving the level of safety we want for all of our residents, but we are making progress". 

Columbus Police Chief Rick Boren adds:   "Part-1 crimes are a general way that communities measure the effect of their law enforcement and prevention efforts.  To be down in nearly every Part-1 crime category is a good achievement".

There were two more murders in 2010 than in 2009, yet the indicator crimes of vehicle theft, burglary, robbery and larceny were down significantly. 

Indicator crimes are entry level crimes that lead to more serious crimes. 

"In order to reduce crime overall, we need to get a handle on entry level crimes.  If those that commit vehicle theft, burglary, robbery or larceny are in prison or have turned their lives around, there is downward pressure on crimes like assault, rape or murder", said Tomlinson. 

"We continue to partner with Neighborhood Watch groups that help us drive crime down.  We hope to build on the positive trends we show for 2010," said Boren.