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Owners go above and beyond to find dog

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- Tammy and Vernon Calcote will never forget, ringing in 2011; Not because of the festivities and good time. But because it's the night their Australian Sheppard Max ran away from their north Columbus home.

"We decide to go out the front door and go out to the front porch and when we did he bolted and he's been gone ever since"

The Calcote's say Max is afraid of loud noises and the fireworks on New Year frightened him so that he ran out of the house and into the woods. The search went on for hours in the end they came home empty handed.

Their next step was to do something big. Capture the attention of everyone that could possibly come in contact with Max.

"He's worth it I mean I just can't imagine not doing what we are doing with the signs, all the bill boards."

Because of the billboard and posters around town the Calcotes have gotten overwhelming support from the community.

"I'm just amazed everyday with the gratitude the help the support from family people we don't even know little ladies calling to say we are thinking about you."

After all of the posters, bill boards, and searching for their dog the Calcotes are waiting one thing.

"That one magic phone call, when someone will call and say we found Max and we go there and it's him."

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