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Expert: Parents should watch for signs of vodka eyeballing

By Jonathan Walsh - bio | email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Prevention experts say parents need to open their eyes to a disturbing trend in teens called eyeballing or getting eye-drunk.

Basically, some young people are doing shots of vodka by pouring the bottle directly into their eyes.

It can get them drunk and cause all kinds of damage.

Some medical experts call it wreckless, and your teen could be trying it without you ever suspecting a thing.

It can be done in many ways, through back-to-back shots or pours from the bottle.

People are known to "double-fist" which is holding a bottle in each hand and pouring the alcohol into each eye at the same time. Or some keep a bottle in the eye for a long period of time.

"I don't understand the thought process," said Brian Smith, a parent of a teen in the Toledo area. "I think it's sad, in general, that kids feel pressure maybe from other kids or feeling that it will get them accepted."

Alexis Blavos, an alcohol and drug prevention specialist at the University of Toledo, Ohio, says the trend usually impacts younger teens and high school students.

Blavos said one reason kids do this is body image.

"If you're a young lady and you want to maintain your skinny appearance, you're not going to get the caloric intake," Blavos explained.

However, she also said kids do it to get away with alcohol use, because it will not be detected on their breath.

Additionally, Blavos says parents should be watching out for signs of redness in and around the eye and, with any alcohol-related problem, changes in their kids' mood or behavior.

In addition to the unwanted drunk consequences, there are physical dangers.

"You could end up blind from it," said Blavos. "It can ruin your Cornea which is imperative to be able to see."

It's a problem that has parents like Brian Smith baffled. "I don't understand how they would come up with let's try something like this," said Smith.

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