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Cat shot 19 times survives

INDIANAPOLIS (CNN) - A cat survived after being shot 19 times with a bb gun.

X-rays show 18 shots still remain lodged inside.

"The veterinarian told me I wasn't going to be very happy," said Kayla Haskett, the cat's owner. "As soon as he put up the X-ray and didn't have much to say, we were both speechless. I just cried, cried a whole lot."

Police said Caesar Mendez, 19, the nephew of a former roommate, is responsible.

An arrest warrant was issued for Mendez, and he was charged with animal cruelty after being caught at a traffic stop Monday.

Haskett said she hopes the punishment for Mendez is not too severe and is happy her cat is recovering.

"He's my miracle kitty, and I always knew he was special. He is in little to no discomfort," Haskett said. "The vet said he probably would not have discomfort. I would like to have surgery to remove the bb's, but it's a little expensive, so I'm trying to save up the money for that."

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