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Finding the Fountain of Youth

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COLUMBUS, GA  (WTVM)  -  Since Columbus is the fountain city, what better place to look for the fountain of youth than right here in the valley.

For centuries, explorers searched the world for a mythical fountain, that would magically restore the youth of anyone who drank it's waters.

While that may only be a myth, there's no question the quest to feel and look healthier and younger is very real.

Many want less wrinkles, perfect skin-tone and an amazing body. But how do we get it.

What's more important is when do you get started. 

"Old age is something we all hope for, but you can't wait till you're old to try to be healthy," said Beth Bussey, a registered dietician with Columbus Regional Medical Center.

Bussey says, while there may not be a fountain of youth, there are lots of things we can do to keep our body, mind and spirit youthful. The secret is to start when we're young.

When it comes to our bodies Bussey says "whole foods" are the key, "The least processing closest to the original way it was grown, that is what we think of as whole foods."

That means a  diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fiber, and fast food should be off the menu.

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"We think It is normal to have some of these things and it really isn't. We are not going to age well and we can't make up for it with supplements. We really need whole foods," said Bussey.
Other important ingredients she says for a healthy body are drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and daily exercise.

When it comes to a healthy mind, Bussey says hard work and what she calls "purposeful activity" - like volunteering,  is actually the best way to stay mentally fit. "When you're a person that takes care of your things, does everything from your lawn work to your housework as well as you might have a career it actually does help you to stay healthier longer"

Fifty-eight-year-old Susie Reynolds couldn't agree more. This mother of 3 and grandmother of 4, teaches kindergarten and works a second job.

In her spare time, she rescues animals and takes care of her farm in Seale, Alabama.
She stays busy by doing the things she loves.

The key to getting there is learning how to say no.

"You only have so much time in a day and you find yourself getting stress because you're trying to do too much. I always try to make time for myself, be with my animals, outside and to relax," said Reynolds.

Reynold's diet consists of mostly whole foods. No meat, only seafood. She exercises regularly and tries to keep a positive outlook.

Reynolds and most experts agree too much stress can make you look and feel older.
"What's the use of living longer, if you're not able to enjoy it, " says Reynolds.

Columbus Geriatrician and Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Joy Adegbile believes relaxation is an important component in anti-aging.

That along with being happy and spending time doing things you enjoy - all help to ensure a healthy spirit as we age. 

Dr. Adegbile is the owner of Jolamie Day Spa at Columbus Park Crossing. She says finding ways to relax and recharge your body and spirit are important.

Services like  massages and facials may seem like a luxury to some, but she sees them as necessities when it comes to looking and feeling your best.  "When you get a facial not only are you getting a relaxation service but you're also improving the consistency of your skin so you don't get any wrinkles or lacticity of your skin," says Adegbile.

At 22, Emily is taking proactive steps to not just look and feel good now, but later too.

"I'm not getting any younger, I'm getting older and so everyday when I look I want to be able to look at myself and like say, i'm doing things right," said Emily.

So while there may not be an actual fountain of youth, there are definite things we can all do to flow into aging looking and feeling healthy and youthful.

It takes work, but folks like Susie Reynolds will tell you, it is well worth it, if it means having your best years ahead of you. "Don't look at aging as a bad thing. Look at it like these are the things I've done and these are the things I've still got left to do," says Reynolds.

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