Student speaks out after being accused of smoking pot at school

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

TALBOTTON, GA (WTVM) - Dareshae Atkins has told his parents, school administrators, and friends for the past week, that he is innocent.

He was suspended from Central Middle School in Talbot County last Tuesday after he and three other students were accused of smoking marijuana behind a building.

"Our band said that he saw three boys passing a marijuana joint around," Atkins said.

Atkins continues to claim, he is innocent. His parents also had a drug test conducted immediately after he was suspended.

We tried again Thursday to reach out to Talbot County school officials.  Principal Edward Tymes told us that the school cannot speak on personal student matters.

After being suspended for more than a week, Dareshae had a tribunal hearing at the school Thursday afternoon. His parents, grandfather, and their pastor were by his side.

After the hearing, which lasted an hour and a half, we spoke with Dareshae's father.

"We did get the situation resolved and he will continue to go to school in the school system, I wish there was a better way about doing it but you have to accept what you got," Atkins said.

He tells us the drug test was not accepted by the school because it was a urine sampling. Both parents say there's no concrete evidence against their son.

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