A family reaches out after the death of a toddler

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An Alabama mother is coming forward to offer support to the family of a 2 year old Columbus toddler who was tragically killed by being run over by a car.

Jennifer Moss showed News Leader Nine pictures of her three year old son, Braidon. "He lit up any room he went into.  I mean he just was full of spirits all the time," said Moss.

She said Braidon could make anyone smile.

"He was the most precious child I could imagine having," said Moss.

But, about two years ago, a tragic accident ended Braidon's short life.  He was outside playing with his five year old sister when a car parked in the driveway came out of gear and hit him at the bottom of the hill.  Braidon's sister was the only person to witness the accident.  The kids had gone outside while Moss was on the phone.

"Horrible. It was horrible. It's just still tough," said Moss.

Now, Moss wants to reach out to a Columbus family living the same pain.  Earlier this week, Christian Bell, 2, was hit and killed by a car near his driveway.  Moss said the accident made her relive her son's accident.

"It just reminded me of my situation, and I feel really bad that they have to go through this," explained Moss.

She offered words of support for the family.

"If they just know that he is in a wonderful place and he's in great hands, then that has a sense of ease for your heart," said Moss.

Moss encourages the family to reach out to those trying to help, ignore the negative, and most importantly, remember their son.

"I want his spirit to be alive.  You don't have to talk about the pain.  Talk about the good," said Moss

Even more, Moss offered compassion and friendship.

"If they just want to discuss what to do next, we're all there for them in any way possible," said Moss.

Moss also explained the accident can be a lesson for everyone.

"I live my days by the minute. You have to," said Moss.

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