Students question Auburn's handling of tree poisoning

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -The oak trees on Auburn University's campus are clinging to life. University officials said in a press conference earlier today that they will try their best to preserve and save the trees. Some students here on campus are wondering if the university took swift action to save the school's iconic symbols.

"Auburn university responded immediately to the threat that was made to the trees we were out within 24 hours with officials from the state and experts from the university," Dowdle said.

Deedie Dowdle, a spokesman for the university says Auburn reacted as fast as they possibly could.

"We didn't wait until the test results came back, just in case we went ahead and consulted with experts what if this in fact proves to be true, we talk with people who might have been through this sort of thing before, Dowdle said.

According to Dowdle the call came into Paul Finebaum's show January 27th, the university took samples from trees the next day, on January 29th samples were sent to labs for testing. The final results came back two weeks later, last Friday February 11th. On that same day an order was placed for liquid charcoal to treat the trees. That shipment arrived Tuesday of this week and the treatment of the trees began on Wednesday.

"I'm hard pressed to figure out how you might move any quicker, when you are waiting on state lab results," Dowdle said.

Other students agree saying the school did the best it could with the situation.

"I think the university has done everything they can, I mean nobody expected anybody to do anything like this to Auburn and to the trees," an Auburn University said.

"I will tell you one thing the celebration at Toomer's Corner won't stop," Dowdle said.

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