Mother leaves hypothermic boy, 4, outside

FRANKLIN COUNTY, AL (WAFF)  - A Franklin County woman was arrested after her son was found outside with ice forming on his clothes.

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies arrested Patricia Reeves Thursday and charged her with endangering the welfare of a child.

Investigators said Reeves reported her child missing on February 10th at 100 Town and Country trailer park around 5:30 p.m. Reeves told authorities that she left her children, ages three, four and seven, outside for long periods of time without properly watching them.

Reeves admitted that she sometimes found her children at neighbors' homes that she did not know.

About four hours after her four-year-old child missing, he was found in the woods nearby his home under some brush. Her son was very wet and his clothes were turning to ice with temperatures in the 20's and dropping.

Doctors told officials that the child was treated for minor hypothermia which could have resulted in death if he had not been found. He was released from Russellville Hospital two days later and placed into DHR custody along with his other siblings.

Reeves is in Franklin County Jail awaiting bond.

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