Thousands mourn historic trees in rally at Auburn

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM)- Kay Dement has lived in Auburn for more than fifteen years. She met her husband there, and lives just a block away from Toomer's corner. The possibility of the trees not being around for generations to come is too much for her to bear.

"The idea of somebody poisoned our trees is, Its tough for me," Dement said.

So tough she could hardly stand to watch as rolls of toilet paper lay on the ground--rather than sprawled throughout the tree limbs.

"This is part of the town, this is more than just college rivalry, this is part of our community here," Dement said.

Hundreds from the community came out today to rally around the trees. Gloria Rump and her family drove from Phenix City.

"I'm happy to see all of these people and there are actually quite a few 'Bama' people here which makes me feel good," Rump said.

The Tree Hug Rally got under-way around noon central time. Fans gathered under the trees to take pictures and lay mementos on the tarp covering the soil.

The university is attempting to do everything they can to save the trees, they put a barricade up around both trees and tarp on the base Friday afternoon to prevent rain from causing more harm to the trees.

Experts say the rain water, could carry the herbicide poison even further into the oaks roots. Auburn fans say the trees are a small part of an even bigger picture.

"It's not about the trees, not about the roots, its not about the damage done, its about 130 years worth of love and just the Auburn family, you can't break it," Harrelson.

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